lydia-pngLYDIA LOPEZ, TRMC, CITY SECRETARY, HEWITT, was elected president of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc., at its annual meeting held in Galveston on October 27, 2016.

The Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc., is a statewide association with over 975 members. The Association operates the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program located at the University of North Texas, Denton. The Certification Program is recognized and endorsed by Section 22.074 of the Local Government Code, Vernon’s Annotated Civil Statutes. TMCA, Inc., publishes the Texas Municipal Election Law Manual, the Texas Municipal Law and Procedure¬†Manual and the Texas Municipal Clerks Handbook.
Lopez will be charged with the responsibility of accomplishing the goals and objectives of TMCA, Inc. The Association is dedicated to serving the demands of excellence in Texas’ local government and public problem solving. Its principal missions are to motivate Texas city clerks and city secretaries to become leaders in their fields of governance and to provide an educational program for the beginning and career city clerk and city secretary.