History & Location

Hewitt has an ideal location situated just south of Waco, Texas.   This location was integral to the founding of the city and establishment of a rail depot when, in 1882, the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad began building a line between Waco and Taylor, which eventually required a switch six miles from Waco. The site chosen as the stop along the line was owned by the estate of John H. Brower, a shipping magnate who had once been the Consul of the Republic of Texas in New York. His estate was entrusted to his son-in-law, Thomas B. Hewitt, a Yale-educated corporate attorney and KATY employee. The MKT named the switch station Hewitt in his honor, and the town was born.

Today, Hewitt is located along Interstate 35, an important international conduit for people and trade.  With Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth all within a 100-mile radius, Hewitt residents can easily make day trips to these Texas hubs of industry, culture and business.  I-35 also provides international access as it travels south through San Antonio and Laredo into Mexico and north to Dallas and Fort Worth all the way through Canada.  Additional significant regional and state thoroughfares include U.S. Highways 77 and 84 and State Highway 6.

Hewitt is actively served by more than 30 common motor freight carriers.  Single carrier service is available to 32 metro areas in the southwest, with an overnight radius of 400 miles.

The Union Railroad runs through the center of Hewitt.  Industrial land use is located along the railroad tracks in the northern portion of the city, and the Greater Hewitt-Waco area is also serviced by Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

Hewitt is served by three primary airports: Waco Regional Airport, Texas State Technical College Airport and the McGregor Executive Airport.  Waco Regional Airport (ACT) provides a 6,600-foot runway serviced by American Eagle.  The Texas State Technical College Airport (CNW) is known locally as the industrial airport, as it is home to numerous aviation-related firms in addition to the top-rated technical college.  CNW provides an 8,600-foot runway, FOB and capability to accommodate air cargo traffic.  McGregor Executive Airport provides accommodations for privately owned aircraft and features a 5,500-foot runway and hangars available for lease.  The Dallas-Fort Worth International and Austin-Bergstrom International airports are located within 90 miles.

Hewitt shares its northern borders with Waco, and surrounding communities also include Woodway, McGregor, Lorena and Robinson.  Hewitt’s location is part of the town’s beginnings as a railroad depot and part of its future as a business base that continues growing into the 21st Century.