EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President as Chairman, the Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Prior Year’s President.  The Executive Committee may meet as needed.  It shall be the function of the Executive Committee to act, when considered necessary, in an executive capacity between meetings of the Board of Directors, upon matters requiring immediate attention and in cases where it seems impracticable to have a special meeting of the Board of Directors.  The Board may, from time to time, delegate such other powers and functions to the Executive Committee, as the Board may deem advisable. The Executive Committee holds the responsibility of the Nominating Committee.  Any vacancies of the executive committee will be filled as follows:  The President will nominate the individual and he will be subject to board approval before taking on the responsibility.  The individual will serve out the remainder of the term.  Executive Committee will have the responsibility to determine salary and bonus for each employee which would be presented to the budget committee for inclusion into the budget. Once the budget committee has formulated into the budget, it will be submitted to the board for approval.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the organization’s long-term financial stability and integrity.  In order to foster the organization’s continued viability and growth it is recognized that diversification of income sources, resources and talents are essential. Members of the Board of Directors are nominated by its membership and shall serve a three-year term. Members of the Board of Directors are to attend each board meeting, serve or assist on committees, be available to members, other leaders and staff.  This is estimated to require 2 – 4 hours per month. Leadership is viewed as an opportunity to make a difference in the business community and the Board of Directors identify member needs and are encouraged to increase the knowledge of association activities and resources.  Directors are given opportunities to promote and develop leadership in others as well as to help to shape the organization’s direction and future.

Strategic Plan 



2023 board
In Memoriam – Ian Walker, 1976-2023

Ian had been a member of the Greater Hewitt Chamber Board of Directors for two years Ian graduated from Midway ISD, was an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor Member of Order of the Arrow. He was a dedicated employee of Target and HEB, served on the Cameron Park Zoo Board, the Hewitt Chamber Of Commerce, served on the Student of the Year Committee with the GHCOC and Midway ISD, and he was the Board Director for Eagle Christian Academy throughout his life.

In Memoriam – Ian G. Dawson, 1951-2022

Ian had been a member of the Hewitt chamber since 2008, served as an Ambassador in 2009-2010, then moved into the director’s role in 2011. Ian also served as President for two terms and contributed his time to the Industry Relations, Long Term Planning and Membership, Nominations and Awards Committees. He’s been a mentor to several of us, wonderful leader and he will be dearly missed.

In Memoriam – John Holder, State Farm, 1943-2019

John played a significant role in shaping Hewitt into the community it is today, and his accomplishments will not be forgotten. John was a member of the Greater Hewitt Chamber since its establishment in 1978, served on the board for more than 12 years and was a supporter of several special events and initiatives over the years. John was also an active supporter of the Hewitt Kiwanis Club and Hewitt VFW Post 6008. We will dearly miss John Holder and are forever thankful for his dedication to our community.