Congrats to Midway High School Panther Chef Winners DQ Carter and Rifka Hacker. Their “Garden of Eden” dish advances the senior duo to the Aramark’s state cooking competition called Lone Star Chef at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Their team, The Rifff Rafff’s, created a Barbados-inspired chicken rice bowl with curry-based sauce. Moments before the competition, the students learned about selections of secret ingredients they were required to incorporate into their dish. Rifka and DQ chose turmeric and orange juice.

“From the first practice and consultation, Rifka and DQ had a great concept for their dish,” said Aramark Executive Chef Rudy Frett. “I’m from St. Thomas so I know this style of food and authentic island flavors. They nailed it. I think they have great chance of winning at Minute Maid.”