Dear Hewitt Chamber Business Members,

Midway ISD appreciates your support as a business partner. We value our relationship with each corporate partner and we understand that your support helps to make Midway ISD an outstanding district. We want to be good stewards of the money that you invest in Midway ISD’s many activities, programs and organizations.

It has come to our attention that third party vendors from outside McLennan County have been contacting local businesses about purchasing sponsorships of spirit shirts or giveaway items for various varsity sports. In exchange for your purchase of an ad on the back of a shirt, for example, the company will provide shirts to be thrown into the stands during football, basketball or other athletic events.
Unfortunately, the district administration has not sanctioned any outside contracts to provide free shirts or giveaways, and Midway club sponsors and organizations are not authorized to enter into any such agreements with third party vendors. All printed items created on behalf of the district must adhere to our branding (logo) policies. Any shirts or items bearing a corporate logo must not compete with the district’s exclusive sponsorship contracts. We have found that many of the t-shirts and other promotional items provided by third party vendors violate one or both of these policies and cannot be distributed in Panther Stadium, our arena or other Midway facilities.

We want to support our local businesses while also supporting student activities at Midway. In the coming months, we will research and implement a process that affords local businesses the opportunity to provide complimentary spirit shirts or other promotional items for Midway fans. We will manage this program through district staff. We will not use a third party vendor to solicit sales of any promotional items.
Midway ISD is committed to being a responsible steward of your support. If you receive a phone call from others claiming to represent Midway ISD, please ask if they are a Midway ISD employee or student before agreeing to purchase advertising. Our office keeps a list of all ongoing fundraising events and can confirm if fundraising or sponsorship programs are legitimate. I urge you to contact me if you are ever in doubt.
Thank you for all that you do to support Midway ISD and our many activities.


Suzi Pagel, Director of Corporate & Community Development

Midway Independent School District