Earth Day

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22, and in honor of the occasion, we have a handful of tips for eco-friendly living that will save you cash in the process!

  1. Switch to Bar Soap – Many have switched to liquid soap and body wash believing bars of soap allow germs to spread easier, but studies show that’s just not the case.  By switching to bar soap, you’ll cut down on the packaging sent to landfills, you’ll use less water (bars create less suds than washes) and best of all, you’ll save money!  AOL Finance found that the cost per wash using a bar of soap is $0.012 per wash versus $0.17 per wash using body wash.
  2. Ditch Bottled Water – You have probably heard that we drink a staggering amount of bottled water (50 billion bottles in America each year!), but you may not know that it takes triple the water that’s in the bottle to manufacture it.  By purchasing a water filter pitcher (you can purchase a Brita for $20) and a reusable bottle (Nalgene bottles are around $10 each), you will get good, clean water that tastes great, and you’ll be getting it for much less than it costs to buy the same amount in bottled water.
  3. Cut Down Shower Time – The average shower lasts eight minutes, which equals about 18 gallons of water.  According to the EPA, “If each person reduced his or her shower time by one minute, we could save a combined 165 billion gallons each year.”  Try shortening your shower time by setting a timer on your smart phone before you step in.
  4. Cook Meals at Home – By planning out your menu before heading to the grocery store, you’ll cut down on throwing away unused food.  You can also choose a day to cook your meals for the week, which helps you avoid going through a drive through on nights when you may get home a bit later.  Less trips for take out means less containers sent to landfills and more money in your pocket.
  5. Visit Your Local Library – Most of us are guilty of buying books to read and letting them sit on the shelf.  Instead of spending that money (and taking up that shelf space), why not make a trip to your local library?  Many have programs that allow them to borrow books from other libraries if they don’t have a specific title available.  Hewitt Public Library has a wide selection, and you don’t have to be a resident to be a member.  Call (254) 666-2442 for more information.
  6. Upcycle – From furniture to home décor, Waco has a variety of great antique and vintage shops with unique restored pieces looking for a good home.  Spend an afternoon shopping the stores along LaSalle Avenue or take a trip to Laverty’s on 18th Street in Waco.  If you have a home project you’re working on, you can also stop by Habitat for Humanity’s Restore on Franklin.  Restore has everything from tile to doors to cabinets.  Like their Facebook page for updates and deals!

Happy Earth Day!