Waco, TX – 30 minutes that can change your life, now!

Great news, it has just become easier to get stronger at Curves with one free week during our Strength Training Festival. Come in and reap the benefits of a higher metabolism, stronger bones and muscles, and improved health with our 30 minute strength training workout.

Learn to love yourself again, body, mind and soul.

Your goal is our goal and there’s no place like Curves:

  • Curves’ coaches truly care about changing your life
  • Strength training is the key to a higher metabolism and long term results
  • One-on-one personal monthly coaching sessions help keep you on track
  • Regular strength training can help reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, stroke and depression.

The free week is a limited offer during our Strength Training Festival, call today, strength becomes you.

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