The professional development school partnership between Midway Independent School District and Baylor University has received the Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement Award.

The National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) presents the award at its annual conference in Washington, D.C., on March 10, 2017.  The award gives national recognition to outstanding school-university partnerships that shape educator leadership and practice.

The Baylor University/Midway ISD partnerships are noted for emphasis on a clinically based teacher preparation program that positively impacts the learning of P-12 students, pre-service teachers and in-service professionals. The visionary system sets this partnership apart from others on the national level.

Of their collaborative work the partners say, “…collectively (we) strive to

provide programs that promote success at all levels of education.” They describe the partnership as successful, “because of intensive and purposeful reflection on best practices.”

NAPDS commends the partnership for the practical experiences that future teachers gain through immersion in schools where complex issues facing education are ongoing. This partnership works effectively to equip future education professionals through best practice experiences.

One of only three school-university partnerships recognized nationally this year, the award committee commented, “This partnership is an excellent example of a strong school-university partnership. Its many exciting PDS programs enhance teaching and learning and supports the community.”

Defined by specific characteristics, professional development schools are uniquely positioned to prepare future educators; provide current educators with on-going, job-embedded professional development; encourage joint inquiry of education-related issues; and promote the learning of P-12 students.  The Baylor partnerships are nationally recognized for their exemplary work in the field of education.

For more information about NAPDS, please visit www.napds.org.