Nationally recognized Texas author Michael Baldwin will be featured at the HOT Poets Society “Jazzy Poetry” meeting from 3-5 p.m. Aug. 5 at the Waco Hippodrome, which also will feature Baylor percussionist Keith Sanford and Beatnik’s Coffee House legacy and musician Jen Evans.

Baldwin has published five books. “Scapes” won the 2011 Eakin Poetry Book award; his chapbook, “Counting Backward from Infinity,” won the Morris Memorial Chapbook award in 2012. He’s also published a slam poetry manual.

Baldwin also wrote, “Murder Music,” a mystery-thriller, and “Passing Strange,” a collection of science fiction short stories. His latest book is “Lone Star Heart: Poems of a Life in Texas,” published by Lamar University Literary Press in 2016.

As 2011 Texas Poet Laureate Dave Parsons said, “Whether the reader is a Texan or someone with no knowledge of the state, ‘Lone Star Heart’ will bring new insights and warm, sublime meditative moments. Indeed, the book, when taken as a whole, could be understood as one long meditation.”

Baldwin has credentials as a poet, fictionist, playwright and essayist. He holds master’s degrees in Library Science and Political Science and retired in 2014 from a career as a library administrator and professor of American Government.

Besides readings and programs, Baldwin also does creativity workshops (as related to neurology science), writing seminars and individual consultations. His website is:

Jenn Evans’ sister, Mary E. Evans, is the author of the children’s book, “Thunder and Lightning” and handles Facebook postings for HOT Poets Society. She has presented at the local WordFest event, which is part of the Waco Cultural Arts Festival, scheduled for Oct. 6-8 this year. Mary’s favorite poet is Maya Angelou, and she’s “looking forward to hearing some Jazzy poetry” and reading her work Aug. 5 at the historic Hippodrome.