2021 Committees

The Greater Hewitt chamber encourages its members to maximize their membership by getting involved on committees and attending as many events as your schedule permits. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. 


The Greater Hewitt Chamber is successful because of our dedicated volunteers and committee activity year-round. All Chamber volunteers are eligible to earn “Hewitt Dollars” that are tracked by the Executive Director January – October. Volunteers are provided “monopoly money” to spend during our rewards and Christmas party in December. Items to spend dollars on include goodie baskets, gift card and more from local businesses!



Review new member, business and chamber volunteer support and presents a recommendation for business awards and is available to directors only. Awards are presented at the chamber’s annual banquet by the committee and President. Awards Committee meets once in October (5 positions open for President’s appointment).

*Ad hoc: Formed for a specific task or objective then dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective.


Ambassadors are the “face” of the chamber and support the Greater Hewitt Chamber with membership growth and retention as well as welcoming new members to the chamber. Ambassadors attend ribbon cuttings and are invited to support the staff with welcome bags, Hewitt Express Magazine deliveries and volunteering for signature events. The Ambassador Committee meets 2-3 times/year and is offered 2 social mixers/year. Ambassadors are supported by captains the first two months in order to support a positive experience for the new Ambassador and to maziximize the member’s volunteer service (5 positions open)

Assist with profit projection, theme, ticket sales, decorations and set-up/tear-down. The committee is expected to meet as needed and work the day of event taking place in January/2021 = June 24 (2 positions open).


Meets in September to review current year operations and prepare the chamber’s upcoming budget. The committee consists of the Incoming and Outgoing Presidents, Treasurer and Executive Director (Full).


Reviews and monitors chamber procedures, policies, staff duties and standards and communicates necessary amendments to Board of Directors as needed. The Bylaws committee is made up of board members only and manages the chamber’s mission, board of director requirements, officer requirements, membership and nominations (2 openings).

Industry Relations

To research, build relationships and create additional value to large employers and their employees in the greater Hewitt area while maintaining our uniqueness in serving small business (meets twice each year, 2 openings).

Long Range Planning

Set long-term goals, provide vision for the Chamber and meet as needed to evaluate organization progress (Executive Committee, full).


Provide input for membership growth, assist with business commercials at luncheons and introduce visitors. Bring fresh ideas for membership drive, prizes and recruiting process (2 positions open, ongoing).

Assists goal setting, theme, sales, door prizes and raffle; Members meet as needed, are encouraged to work a 2-4 hour shift during the tournament and stuff goodie bags (5 positions open, September).

Assist with sponsorship and vendor recruitment, costume contest, set-up and tear down. Spooktacular is a fun, free community event during Halloween week. The committee is expected to work the day of event (4 open, October).

Assist with profit projection, sales, registration, domino/washer tournament recruitment and organization. Assist with set-up/tear down and work the day of the event. The committee meets two-three times for planning sessions and communicates event progress with staff through phone calls and e-mail (5 positions open, May).


The President appoints a five member committee (made up of directors only), subject to approval of the Board, that will give due consideration to an equitable distribution of nominees among different types of businesses and professions represented in the membership of the Chamber. The Committee shall prepare a list of qualified nominees, after determining whether the nominees are willing and able to serve.  If the list is unanimously accepted by the Board in a meeting in which a quorum is present, those individuals listed shall become new board members without further action. However, if the list is not unanimously accepted by the Board, the list shall be presented to the Chamber membership (5 positions open for President’s appointment, September).

*Ad hoc: Formed for a specific task or objective then dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective.


Present recommendation of funds, discuss fundraising options to develop additional monetary support; Assists with application process and selects winners and presents checks to winners at banquet. This committee meets once to discuss details and deadlines. Since 2008 the chamber has awarded over $90,000 to local students in the form of scholarships (3 positions open, August-January).


Review chamber building security and present recommendations as needed addressing any security concerns (Full).

*Ad hoc: Formed for a specific task or objective then dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective.