About the Greater Hewitt Chamber of Commerce

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A chamber is a local association formed to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place.  Chambers have local businesses as members who elect a board of directors to set policy for the organization; the board then hires a director and staff to operate the chamber.  Each chamber operates separately but may form regional partnerships and/or join state, national and international bodies.

The Greater Hewitt Chamber has been serving Hewitt and its surrounding communities since 1978, and we work closely with the City of Hewitt on business, economic and community development.  The Greater Hewitt Chamber also works to promote tourism and serves as a visitor bureau for Hewitt.

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The purpose of the Chamber shall be to promote an environment of goodwill and prosperity among the businesses, citizens and community organizations in the Greater Hewitt area. The organization will strive to foster, protect and promote the commercial, industrial, civic, agricultural and general interests of the Greater Hewitt community. While encouraging economic development the Chamber provides a business environment where everyone has the opportunity to build, network and promote their businesses. As of 2017, the chamber represents 440 members, over 18,000 jobs and 30 non-profit organizations in the greater Hewitt area.

Vision Statement

To be one of the highest performing chambers in service and community development in the state of Texas by continuing to provide quality information to members, attract visitors to the area through signature events and building positive rapport between the community and residents. To consistently seek community needs and opportunities to excel while evaluating the chamber’s services. The Chamber connects our members to leaders and legislators for providing relevant and up-to-date information for small business operations. Utilize access for resources available through the largest business networks in the nation.

Signature Events & Major Projects

Signature Events include:

  • Membership Banquet with awards
  • Nacho Daddy Car Show & Concert
  • Greater Hewitt Chamber Express Classic Golf Tournament
  • Creekside Spooktacular at Warren Park
  • Lead Explosion networking event with Women of Waco

Major Projects:

  • Promoting the City of Hewitt and our business members through print publications including award-winning annual Community Guide & Business Directory and quarterly Hewitt Express magazine
  • Mobile app featuring greater Waco attractions, hotels, shopping & dining
  • Greater Hewitt Chamber Scholarship Fund, which has awarded over $50,000 to local students since 2008
  • Ongoing networking/educational events geared toward enabling local business leaders to build relationships and refer business to one another
2016 Achievements

• Hosted over 70 events (avg. attendance of 50-60), grew membership to 430 and retained 88%
• Raised over $150,000, provided over 350 volunteer hours and supported 10 partner events
• Signature Event Success: Banquet, Spudtacular Expo & Car Show, Nacho Daddy’s Tex-Mex Fest & Fun Run, Express Classic and Creekside Spooktacular (avg.attendance of 1,200)
• 2016 Community Guide & Member Directory won first place in Texas Chamber’s Media Contest
• Attracted visitors and showcased amenities through a rack card and Mobile App launch
• Tripled Creekside Spooktacular attendance
• Supported public policy issues to strengthen our relationship with McLennan County Chamber Alliance
• Increased Annual Scholarship Fund to $10,000
• Average major event attendance: 1,200
• Represent over 18,000 families

2017 Goals

Establish a New Member Welcoming Committee:
• New member introductions and orientations
• Mentors for first year members
• Enhance retention strategies
• Communicate the Chamber’s services and benefits through an updated brochure
• Post testimonial videos

Continue generating revenues to support our Chamber members and community:
• New opportunities for larger employers through a job fair
• Create new, additional sponsorships for signature events
• Introduce unique fundraising at each signature event

Build relationships with large employers and create value:
• Community engagement and job fairs
• Continue supporting the growth in Hewitt
• Expert educational panels
• Staff, Director and Ambassador member visits by industry